My Best Service

Thanks to the service, I-Tek represents a guiding light for the machinery and plant companies within the food & beverages field. Our, service allows us to reply immediately to all your technical assistance needs.

Our technical staff is composed by highly qualified and service dedicated technicians to provide you a great experience, developed both in the national and international field.

To carry on our technical assistance service, we use specific, innovative and certified equipment in order to minimize the time needed to face any emergency and intervention.

We are able to always and immediately offer you original spare parts, scheduled maintenance with on-site, online and H24 personnel. We are at your disposal, with a team able to offer you the best technical solutions, to aim for the continuous improvement of the automation of your plants.

Our service division has been opportunely strengthened and equipped in all the various aspects with care, to assist customers in their emergencies and to resolve machine or installations stops with immediacy. Our service consists in a series of activities addressed both to direct customers or to customers who have bought machinery and plants from other suppliers.

We try to offer the best to all our customers, facing any issue with flexibility and timeliness.

In order to ensure value, efficiency and precision to our service, we offer assistance and maintenance solutions with scheduled and organized intervention over time and in a proportional way.

Together with each customer, we plan an optimal annual maintenance program for ordinary and extraordinary interventions. Our proposals include a series of targeted actions and both corrective and preventive interventions.

We therefore also offer the possibility to manage all the ordinary and/or extraordinary activities to guarantee the operating conditions of the plants and machinery with maintenance and assistance contracts for ordinary, preventive and global all-inclusive coverage.