We build our plants, equipment and machinery, starting from a careful analysis of the market and customers need. We always keep our quality standards high and our solutions in step with the times.
Our technicians always work next to our customers in order to provide quick and easy solutions to their needs.
I-TEK also design turnkey industrial plants starting from the project; while making your products, equipment and plants, we always operate with a considerable knowledge and specific competence.
As a company and a team, we rely on the support of partners and satellite companies with more than 10 years of experience in the field.
The great value of the solutions we propose is the result of important and solid investments, of a deep synergy and a big desire to reach the excellence in the field.
We always combine research and development factors in the production; and for specific requests or applications, we cooperate directly with our customers to always offer the most efficient solution ensuring the result.

Besides the supply of the machinery, I-TEK teaches the personnel how to use it, through an accurate training carried out by its highly specialized technicians.